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A Terrifying Night of TF2...

2009-10-30 02:40:51 by Kaymon95
Updated ch/

I earned all the Halloween achievements and I've scored myself the bag hat (which I assume is taken away after Halloween as it hints at) and the "Ghostly Gibus" (which will last forever. This is also less likely to be seen than halos so huzzah for me! My first unique hat that I earned.) that I adore so much, however, will choose not to wear for the sake of disgracing myself by getting someone else the hat, making it much less special for me. If you ever see a Heavy named Kaymon95 prancin' about with a head fulla eyeballs wearing either a top hat or a halo, you know who you're lookin' at. Happy Halloween!

To anyone who reads this on the 30th, I believe you're still able to score TF2 for a mere $2.99 or so over Steam, the best thing ever to happen to PC gaming!

1 minute after posting this... I found some disturbing info of Zephenia Mann and his family. ch/the_last_will_and_testament_of_Zeph eniah_Mann/ ch/family_portrait/

13 hours after original post... I further looked upon the note and it's photo. The note read of how Zepheniah hated his sons... but he loved most of the rest of his company, including Barnabas Hale, his tracker, and father of Saxton Hale, producer of all weapons in the TF2 universe. I never thought of how in-depth they'd get with the game's universe, but then again after watching the Meet The Spy trailer when it was first leaked makes you think of how in-depth they could get with this game and it's universe. The photo also portrays two sons who appear to look like the spy, one red, one blue. These are just my thoughts on this, but they'd seem pretty accurate, don't ya think?


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2009-11-25 21:32:03