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Sound File...

2009-04-14 01:09:07 by Kaymon95

In "Deliver That Fulp," what was the sound file used for when you lose the game? I've searched all around the net and I need to know what it's called so if anyone can tell me what it is, that'd be great. Thanks.


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2009-04-14 01:25:19

what for?

Kaymon95 responds:

A flash idea.


2009-04-14 01:35:53

needs more chainsaws

Kaymon95 responds:

Probably, but those cost a lot.


2009-04-14 03:02:27

ask the man nicely, you silly -billy!

Kaymon95 responds:

I would, but for some reason, the PM system for me didn't work.


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